The Erase Project’s mission is to remove gang and inappropriate tattoos from visible areas of individuals who may have been involved with gangs, spent time in jail, or who have made bad choices in their lives and want to change.

The Erase Project wants people to know that hope is not lost from past “ink” mistakes.

When employers notice inappropriate ink (ex: gang tattoos, offensive language, gang symbols, etc.), potential jobs may vanish. You may also experience unwanted conflict from others as the result. These issues can be erased with tattoo removal treatments. When the offensive tattoo is gone, a life can be changed for the better.

The Erase Project partners with other organizations to help you to identify, evaluate, counsel, and set-up community service projects as payment for these treatments. These steps are mandatory to stay in the program.

The Erase Project doesn’t stop when the ink is gone.

With employment, 80% will not slide back into crime, have need of social services, or spend time in jail.

Who would think a small change could make such radical changes in a life?

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